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Teaser Betting Tips

About Betting Teasers

Although it seems in recent years that recreational sports bettors are getting into the Teaser Buzz it’s not a smart betting strategy. That said below we have written a little about teaser betting in the hopes that if it’s your gig you will have a head start on the teaser game. We will try to show you which teaser bets can be profitable and help you to understand why they are profitable.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with teasers we will start with an intro to teasers. In layman’s terms a teaser is just a parlay bet that uses modified point spreads and when it comes to NFL betting the typical teaser offers 6 points. So let’s say for this week you like the Bears -6, Cowboys – 3 and The Bills +1.5. You decide to put this into a teaser giving you 6 points so your bet will look like this. Bears at even. Cowboys +3 and Bills +7.5. To win this bet all your games will have to cover and a winning payout at most online sports books for a 3 team teaser will be 1.8 to 1.

Not a lot of money but it is a plus to your bankroll.

Online sportsbooks offer varied Teaser odds so this is a chance to look for the best odds. With 6 point teasers your best bet is to look for teams that are offering -110 or better, 3 teams at +180 or better or 4 teams +300 or better. You can find these teaser odds at either or

5Dimes sportsbook is worth an honorable mention as it offers the best teaser odds in the industry with 2 team teasers at +100. The problem with 5Dimes is that the lines are often shaded in such a way that it’s hard to find good value there. What this means is that you may find that some sportsbooks are offering Redskins +8.5 but 5Dimes will have it listed at Redskins +9.5/-125.

The rules for a push are typically the same at each sportsbook. If a game in the teaser pushes while any other game loses the teaser is a bust. If you have a push in a game and the rest are winners the teaser is reduced. An example of this would be a 3 team teaser has one push and two wins it would result in a payout for a 2 team teaser.

If we were going to suggest a teaser bet the two team teaser of 6 points would be the best value when betting football games. As we have said above that 5Dimes offers a zero vig line on this wager, but they tend to weight the lines on the favorites which doesn’t take away value if you are betting underdogs. It increases the value of the proposition. However, most bettors want to lower the line on the favorite and a 6 point teaser on a line weighted to the favorite -9 from a -7 makes this wager a non-bet in this situation.

Good luck with whatever you bet this season! We recommend you sign-up for a sports book account at 5dimes and take advantage of their selection of teasers.