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Profitable Football Betting Strategy

To show a profit betting on NFL games you will have to win 52.4% of your bets. How hard can that be? Actually if you listen to most professional bettors they will tell you it is more difficult to do consistently year in and year out without following certain criteria. Below we have listed a few basic strategies to get you into the black for this NFL football season.

Bankroll/Money Management

To begin your successful NFL betting season you will want to set aside a certain amount of money that you can afford to lose, this is known as your bankroll. Let’s say for example you start with $1000 annual budget. You don’t have to put up the $1000 at the start of the football season, but you do need to have those funds available if needed. So it is really a projected allotted bankroll. The rule of thumb for profitable sports wagering is that you should only bet 2% to 5% of your bankroll per game. So with this example of an annual budget/bankroll you would be betting only $20 to $50 per game. One of the biggest mistakes bettors make is increasing the size of their bets when they hit a winning streak or to chase losing streaks. How many of you have gone 2-2 on the day and had a negative return exceeding the juice? Exactly. Just remember that the season is long one and to be profitable over the course you must invest and manage your money smartly.

Find The Edge

Another fatal mistake recreational bettor’s make is to bet every single game each week. This is definitely a bad idea! To be a winning NFL bettor you need to find edges in the lines and then capitalize on these edges. Depending on the week there may be only a couple of opportunities or a handful where you feel that you have an edge over the lines maker’s posted point spread or total. Don’t make the mistake of betting just because you want some action on the game. To make a profitable season you must bet smart.

Line Shopping

Line shopping offers the best opportunity for making money this NFL season. Make sure you have a couple of sports book accounts available so you can compare game lines. Some sports books will offer a difference of .5 to a full point differential on the spread or over/under line. Some of the best online sports books are listed in our sports book section and all offer easy deposit and withdrawal options. We suggest having a minimum of three sports betting accounts. You should have accounts set up at a sharp book, square book and a reduced juice book.

Don’t Go On Tilt

The biggest mistake recreational sports bettors make is to go on tilt. Everyone losses from time to time and even the best professional handicappers lose bets 40% or more of the time. Don’t let your emotions get in the way and start to chase your losses. Steady at the keel, bet with your head and make sure to walk away until you have a clear mind, following all these little tips will help to ensure you have a profitable NFL season.