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2015 NFC Betting Odds

While the AFC is, pretty much, a two-team race to the odds makers the NFC is more wide open with four teams that have decent odds at led the defending the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks – Odds: +350

The defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks did lose some players in the off-season, but their main core is still in tact. Russell Wilson was great last season, but the offensive line has some issues heading into this season. Percy Harvin is finally healthy and the team needs him on the field, especially with Golden Tate gone. Marshawn Lynch was a beast last season and while he is still THE main in Seattle his workload for the last few seasons is a concern.

Seattle plays a very tough schedule and opens their season facing the Packers, Chargers, and Broncos in their first 3 games.

San Francisco 49ers – Odds: +440

The 49ers have the tools to go all the way, but can they get past Seattle? Big question. Colin Kaepernick dealt with injuries to some key receivers last season and if they can stay healthy he may be poised for a big season. Frank Gore is still THE man in the backfield and while the defense lost some players in their secondary Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman lead the loaded front line.

Only 3 teams San Francisco faces in the first 7 games made the playoffs last season, but their schedule is still a tough one.

Green Bay Packers – Odds: +700

Last season showed how important Aaron Rodgers is to the Packers and he ahs the supporting cast with the likes of Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, and Eddie Lacy. The offensive line and defense, which ranked 24th against the pass and 25th against the run, are the big issues, but the D has several new faces including ex-Bear Julius Peppers.

After a tough opener against the Seahawks the Packers do not face one team that made the playoffs in their next 5 games,

New Orleans Saints – Odds: +700

Drew Brees had another big season last year and may have to do it all on offense again with a suspect running game and Darren Sproles gone. He has the weapons with a great WR corps and TE Jimmy Graham. The defense was much better last season and they made some solid moves in the off-season on that side of the ball.

The schedule really favors the Saints early not facing one playoff team from last season in their first 6 games.

Chicago Bears – Odds: +1100

With Josh McCown now with the Bucs Jay Cutler must stay healthy and play well this season. He has some solid targets and Matt Forte in the backfield, but his durability and the Chicago defense are issues. In 3 of their first 5 games this season Chicago faces the 49ers, Packers, and Panthers.

Philadelphia Eagles – Odds: +1500

The Eagles (+1500) have LeSean McCoy and a solid WR corps, even with the loss of DeSean Jackson, but is Nick Foles the QB to take them to the Super Bowl? The defense bolstered their pass rush in the off-season and that is key with their secondary, which ranked 32nd last season.

Detroit Lions – Odds: +2300

Matthew Stafford has the arm and the targets for the passing offense, but he has to avoid the interception, which he could not last season. The rushing game has to help him out and while the front line defense is good the secondary has issues and the team did not address them in the off-season.

Here are the odds to win the NFC Championship at as of August 25, 2014.

Seattle Seahawks +350
San Francisco 49ers +440
Green Bay Packers +700
New Orleans Saints +700
Chicago Bears +1100
Philadelphia Eagles +1500
Detroit Lions +2300
New York Giants +2600
St Louis Rams +2600
Arizona Cardinals +2800
Dallas Cowboys +3000
Washington Redskins +3000
Carolina Panthers +3500
Atlanta Falcons +3500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5000
Minnesota Vikings +9000

Previous NFC Championship Odds

Here are the previous odds to win the 2015 NFC Championship as listed at Bovada on June 3nd 2014.

Seattle Seahawks +375
San Francisco 49ers +400
Green Bay Packers +750
New Orleans Saints +900
Chicago Bears +1000
Carolina Panthers +1400
Philadelphia Eagles +1400
Atlanta Falcons +1400
Arizona Cardinals +2000
Detroit Lions +2200
New York Giants +2500
Dallas Cowboys +2800
Minnesota Vikings +2800
St Louis Rams +2800
Washington Redskins +2800
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2800

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