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NFL Futures

Back in the day you’d walk into a Las Vegas sports book and the only future odds they’d have on the board would be to win the Super Bowl and the National Football Conference and American Football Conference. That’s changed a great deal with the invention of the internet and the online sports books that followed. Now there are dozens of future bet types to place your money on.

Super Bowl Futures
Bet on which team will win the upcoming Super Bowl is a staple, but there are many more to choose from. Before the season starts odds are offered on the Super Bowl match-up. In other words you can choose who the representative will be from the NFC and AFC in the big game. Other futures include picking which conference will win the game with most based on a point spread handicap.

Conference Title
Odds are posted for every team in its respective conference to win the AFC or NFC Championships months ahead of the season and are normally available late in the season on teams that are still mathematically alive for the playoffs.