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Football Handicapping Services – How Do I Choose The Service For Me

It is not advisable that all sports bettors hire a handicapping service. Some people are pretty adept at capping their own games using the various tools available online at such sites as If you actually have the time and learned the skills required to analyze game stats you can do fairly well on your own. There are also several sites available online that offer free picks for the various sports and some of those handicappers are quite good.

For those avid sports bettors that don’t have the time and energy to put into handicapping it might be a good idea to hire a service if you are betting more than just a recreational bettor who budgets $20 to $50 per game. Betting small amounts would not make financial sense to hire a handicapping service because you need to consider your ROI after you factor in the cost of the service.
If you are a bettor who wants some decent action on a game and you just don’t seem to be winning on your own, then perhaps paid plays is right for you.

Comparing Handicapping Services

Let’s say you have decided to hire a professional capper and you don’t know how to figure out which service is best for you. Below we have listed a few things you should consider before making a decision.

It is advisable to find a service that has been around for at least 5 years. There are a lot of decent services that pop up here and there but why would you risk your hard earned money on that. If a service is still in business after 5 years it’s probably a pretty decent service as that is a substantial amount of time to sustain a handicapping service in this industry.

As a possible client you can check a services reputation on any number of sports betting forums online. There are definitely some real scammers in this business so do your homework. Look at the service to see if they are offering Big Star locks of the century, this is a big indicator they are not for real as nothing in sports betting is a lock! Check to see if the handicappers are offering transparent records from present and past years.
Another thing to check for is a possible handicapping service reputation regarding high pressure sales. Some of these services will try to get your phone number and then you have a problem on your hands as they will call you and harass you to buy constantly.

Does the site you’re looking at provide any analysis with their picks? If a service hasn’t taken the time to write a detailed reason as to why they are making a certain selection then chances are there isn’t any reason other than a flip of the coin. Stay away from these services.
Many reputable handicapping services will offer Guarantee’s with their selections and this means they back up their service and stand behind their picks.

Hiring a handicapping service can be expensive so be selective. Overly expensive handicapping services are just ripping you off. But then again you should be wary of cheap services as you typically get what you pay for. In the end if a paid handicapper wins for you and you keep a positive ROI this is the service for you.

Several reputable services offer Free Picks so give these a try. Check out the analysis for the free picks to see if there is any effort involved. If a service is serious about acquiring customers their Free Plays should be profitable too and should show somewhat their level of handicapping expertise.

Just remember that pay for picks services do not have super powers and win every game. There are factors that are impossible to predict in sports betting. No service can win 70 percent win rate over any extended period of time, so be realistic and if you manage your money properly and find a solid reputable service chances are you will have a winning season.