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AP Top 25 College Football Teams

Each week we will update the current AP (Associated Press) Top 25 College Football Teams Poll. Updates to take place by Tuesday each week when available.

Is there any value in the AP top 25 Poll?
From a betting perspective there isn’t much value excluding the angle to go against ranked teams on the road. The theory is that this is a group of kids that may have their ego’s inflated by their AP ranking and discount the unranked team that they’re playing. It works the opposite for the teams that don’t rank in the top 25. They’re jacked to play a ranked team and have the home crowd support behind them.

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1 Alabama 12-1
2 Oregon 12-1
3 Florida State 13-0
4 Ohio State 12-1
5 Baylor 11-1
6 TCU 11-1
7 Mississippi State 10-2
8 Michigan State 10-2
9 Ole Miss 9-3
10 Arizona 10-3
11 Kansas State 9-3
12 Georgia Tech 10-3
13 Georgia 9-3
14 UCLA 9-3
15 Arizona State 9-3
16 Missouri 10-3
17 Clemson 9-3
18 Wisconsin 10-3
19 Auburn 8-4
20 Boise State 11-2
21 Louisville 9-3
22 Utah 8-4
23 LSU 8-4
24 USC 8-4
25 Minnesota 8-4

Others receiving votes: Notre Dame 28, Stanford 27, Nebraska 22, Air Force 21, Duke 18, LSU 12, Utah State 11, Arkansas 10, Minnesota 9, Oklahoma 7, Texas A&M 7, Northern Illinois 4, Colorado State 2

The Associated Press College Football Poll provides weekly rankings of the top 25 teams in the NCAA Division 1 Football league. These rankings are compiled by polling 65 professional sports writers and broadcasters from across the US. Each voter provides his/her own ranking of their top 25 selections and a national ranking is compiled from these votes. Each team is given 25 points for a first place vote, 24 points for a second place vote and so on. These ballots are made public on the AP Poll.

The AP Poll has its roots going back to 1934 when sports writers at the time determined by popular opinion who was the best football team in the country. Since its inception the AP poll has run continuously ever since, and became the media and publics national champion for the season.